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Repointing / Brick Repairs

South London Restoration offers exceptional brick repair and repointing services. We are known for our attention to detail and ability to match the style of any existing brickwork. Our highly skilled tradesmen can help you find the right replacement bricks, and suggest the best methods for returning your wall to pristine condition.

The cement between bricks
isan important, often overlooked, aspect of your home’s maintenance. Deteriorated mortar can also lead to damp penetrating your walls as well as structural instability. Repointing is an affordable, trustworthy solution to this problem. When repointing, we often recommend weather struck joints, which add an aesthetically pleasing look to any wall. However, we also provide a variety of other repointing styles for your unique needs. If you are unsure, our team of qualified craftsmen will guide and advise you on which repointing or brick repair work will suit your needs.

Paint Removal

We offer full cleaning services to remove the paint from any wall while maintaining its integrity. Our cleaning process involves dissolving paint with speciality chemicals, chosen for your brick or stone type. We then use a pressurised water system to wash away the residue, leaving your brick surfaces looking like new.

Incorrect paint cleaning techniques can be damaging to the appearance and structure of your brickwork. This is why our experienced team takes the necessary care and attention with each project, giving your brickwork the unique attention it needs. Our paint removal process will never ruin your bricks or pointing. Whether you are trying to remove spots of paint or return a fully painted wall to its original state, we can help.

Brick Cleaning

Over time, even the most beautiful brickwork can become dirty and dull. Due to the buildup of atmospheric residue and pollution sediment, brick walls need to be regularly cleaned in order to keep their visual appeal. Our cleaning process involves applying a specially formulated solution that removes grit and dirt from the brick surface. We also use pressurised water to wash away any residual dirt, leaving your wall in the best condition.

Whether you need the brickwork of your home or the walls of a commercial property cleaned, we have the experience and equipment to provide the best service. No project is too large or too small for our team, and we always work to the highest standards regardless of the size or type of project.

Stone Cleaning

South London Restoration provides a speciality stone cleaning service for high-quality stone walls. We understand the intricacies of stone cleaning and ensure that all necessary care is taken with your project. Unlike other cleaning methods which may cause irreversible damage to your stonework, our process is gentle enough not to harm your walls while still being extremely effective.

We use nebulous spray cleaning equipment, which shoots a fine mist of water, providing a gentle cleaning process. This makes our services perfect for old buildings that require additional care. With this specialist equipment and our years of experience, we can return any stone wall to its original splendour.

New Stone/Stone Repairs

Stone, like most construction materials, can become damaged over time. The repair process for stone walls, however, is not always straightforward. We offer a specialist stone repair and new stone laying service which can help you return your stonework to its former glory. We work with both newly built constructions and older architecture. Our team always works to your specifications and will match your repair to the original stonework. We have the expertise to handle all exterior stone refurbishment and repair tasks.


For projects that require scaffolding work, we supply all necessary equipment from beginning to end. This means that there is no project too large for us. We take all required precautions when setting up our scaffolding, to ensure the safety of both our team and your premises.

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